Does A 16 Year Old Who Has Worked Need To Pay Zakat?
Does A 16 Year Old Who Has Worked Need To Pay Zakat?
Yaser Birjas

A 16-year-old today often does work in a part-time job and has money saved up. A 16-year old however is a minor, do they still have to pay Zakat? Does Zakat tie with the age of a person?

Zakat is done on the wealth itself, regardless of the owners age. Whether you are a minor or an adult, what needs to be looked at is the amount of money that is there. If the money reaches the threshold of 4-5 thousand dollars, and has stayed that amount for a year, in this case you are obliged to pay 2.5% of that amount for zakat.

Shaykh Yaser Birjas explains.

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