8 or 20 Rakat for Taraweeh?
8 or 20 Rakat for Taraweeh?
Yasir Qadhi

We all agree that Taraweeh – the additional prayers after Isha during the month of Ramadan – is optional. Can we then, as a community, justify creating trouble for each other if some pray more Taraweeh, or less?

As far as Muslim controversies go, praying 8 vs. 20 rakat for Taraweeh has to be one of the most unnecessary...

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the real issue here


This is the classic controversy that has divided so many communities. Unfortunately, people are fighting, masajid have their issues, and subhanAllah it is such a trivial issue. Salatul Taraweeh is a nafl or a sunnah salah. It is not fardh, it is not obligatory. So you may pray as many or as few or as zero raka’at. It doesn't matter. Taraweeh is not obligatory.

So if a person does not pray Taraweeh they are not sinful. How, then, can they be sinful if they pray eight versus 20? The whole controversy really should not exist. Whoever wants to pray eight, that is good. Whoever wants to pray 20, that is good. If somebody wants to pray more or if somebody is busy and wants to pray less, all of this is permitted. What isn't permitted, what is haraam, is for Muslims to be fighting and to be boycotting and to be yelling and screaming and to have hatred and animosity for such utterly trivial issues.

Pray eight or pray 20. Just pray every single night and Allah (subhanahu wa ta’aala) will bless you in that prayer.




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