How Can I Control My Anger With My Children?
How Can I Control My Anger With My Children?
Taimiyyah Zubair

Children are a blessing from Allah. But oftentimes, they can get on our nerves and test our patience. How can we control our anger and irritation when this happens?

It's all about trying to pinpoint what is exactly making us angry, and not letting anger control us...

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair explains and answers


As parents, it's very easy to lose our cool with our children. So when you find yourself angry, firstly, seek refuge in Allah because anger is from Shaytan. Secondly, remind yourself that children will be children. They will not be perfect.

Thirdly, remember your own shortcomings also. Where your children make mistakes, you also make mistakes. However, try to find out what is it that is really making you angry because oftentimes it's not our children's behavior that's causing us to be angry. It's some other external factor, like the situation at work or at home. So try to resolve that first insha'Allah.




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