At What Age Should My Children Memorize The Qur’an?
At What Age Should My Children Memorize The Qur’an?
Wisam Sharieff

Parents ask what age will their child be ready for a Hifz – Qur’an memorization – program... Let’s ask another question first...Have you readied your child for a Hifz program?

Age aside, there is a checklist that you should complete with your child before they are ready to join a full time Qur’an memorization program.

Imam Wisam Sharieff explains and answers


My plea to the parents who are answering and asking this question and watching, please understand, memorization is not for everyone. And leaning upon our children in order for them to fulfill our dreams is very difficult. With that being said, the best time to introduce your child into full-time memorization is after a rigorous vetting process. In their childhood, in their toddler age, have you introduced them to the original sounds of Qur'aan? Their primordial sounds. In their young age, have they learned to read Qur'aan? Have they finished the recitation of the Qur'aan half a dozen times? Are they comfortable writing the book of Allah? Are they comfortable with a minimum of 200 vocabulary words? Do they read the Qur'aan or turn through it once a month? Do they feel happy and have a favorite reciter? Do they find their mushaf that they have pride in it?

These are all a single checklist and if you have not had checks to all of these, speak to your child. Lastly, what is a good age to put your child into full-time memorization? When your child and you have communicated. Whether that age is 7 or 10, to me that would be a bit young. Whenever your child is ready, you will have communicated and they will know, "Yes, mum and dad, I'm going to memorize because this will lead to my Paradise." And a child will understand Paradise. Lastly, for those of you scratching at your phone or your pad saying, "Just give me a number," I would not recommend full-time memorization be understood without the idea of dorming or not dorming. Be very aware in a dorming situation that the memorization environment is different and I believe you should consult your local Imaam.

As far as the general full-time, my kid goes and comes back from school. This can begin from the age of 7 and even before 7 but understand, between the age of 7 and 10 your child should be involved in reading Qur'aan. I didn't stutter, reading Qur'aan. Stop forcing your kid to memorize that which they cannot hold, which they don't have a responsibility for. The best age is when your child is equipped with all the things that I gave and when he has communicated and she has communicated to you, "I'm ready to go." Nowhere before 10 should your child be pressed into such a large responsibility.




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