Can I Own A Dog To Help With My Disability?
Can I Own A Dog To Help With My Disability?
Omar Suleiman

Owning a dog in our deen as most of us know is not encouraged at all. However, there are certain exceptions to the matter. Is owning a dog to assist someone with their disability one of the exceptions?

There are exceptions in regards to hadiths about keeping dogs as hunting or guard dogs. If those scholars expanded permission to that, then inshaAllah we can assume that permission would be expanded towards having a dog to help with a disability.

Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains.

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When you look at the ahadith about holding dogs or keeping a dog in the home, you'll notice that the scholars mentioned exceptions to the rule of keeping a dog. So they mentioned some of the more specific ones where you'll find near consensus on hunting dogs. After the consensus on hunting dogs, you then have some scholars that broadened it to a guard dog. Then some scholars that even broadened it to having a dog that would guard a person's crops or tend to a person's crops by making sure that no one comes towards those crops. Surely, if those scholars would have expanded the permission to that, then we can also expand the permission insha'Allah wa ta'ala to a person that has a special need and, even some cases, a necessity to have that dog with them or whose quality of life will be greatly enhanced by the presence of that dog.

So yes, you can insha'Allah wa ta'ala have that dog. And the same thing as with many of these areas, you do your best in Shaa' Allah to observe the rulings in regards to the dog's saliva. If the dog can be kept in a certain part of the house, but then you use it for... Depending on the level of your disability, you use it when you need to use it, when you go out or in certain parts of the house, then do so. But insha'Allah wa ta'ala , the answer is yes. And if you're not sure if your particular disability and your particular need, then make sure that you ask a scholar insha'Allah wa ta'ala about your particular situation.




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